Needs study and analysis by Fine Bank

Needs study and analysis by Astrofinance

Delphine, childminder, has no children in care at the moment. So she has no income. The couple thus lives on the single income of Mister.

Although Antoine has a good salary, the burden that falls on the couple for the work loan, now weighs far too heavy on a daily basis. More than 43% indebted, Delphine and Antoine appeal to Fine Bank to obtain a “loan repurchase for project”. This is what is called the banking operation which consists, not only in reducing the monthly payment of loans in the process of being repaid, but also in including a sum of money, called cash ”, for the financing of a project.

In the case of Delphine and Antoine, this is still work. Their house is old, the work is more than necessary to reduce energy losses and reduce bills. They are asking for $ 20,000 in cash to overcome it.
The couple’s accounts are healthy. No anomaly was detected during our study. No compulsive buying, no crazy and / or extraordinary expenses. The couple do not live beyond their means, they simply try to get out of it.

Our explanations

Our explanations

Our banking partner took over the consumer loan from Delphine and Antoine. Their monthly payment fell from $ 1,158 to $ 605.58, a reduction of $ 552.42. They were previously more than 43% indebted, but are now only 23% indebted.

Previously, Antoine’s 2,669 USD in salary had been cut by 1,158 USD at the start of the month to reimburse the works loan, or 43% of his income. Today, after restructuring, the monthly credit is only 605.58 USD. The debt is therefore low, it now represents barely 23% of household income.

As for the cash of 20,000 USD requested, it has been respected since that obtained is even greater than that. Delphine and Antoine thus benefited from the nice sum of 23,941 USD to finish their work, sum already included in the total amount of the loan consolidation.

Customer’s decision


The job of child minder sometimes has a few surprises in store. In my case, the family I worked for moved in the middle of the year. A hard blow and sudden loss of income. Despite this, you have to pay back your credits when you have them. The grouping allows us to see the end of our work and pay less each month. A relief.

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