Credit card for protesting

Credit card for protesting

The credit card for protesting is almost impossible to obtain, as it is a payment instrument that is nothing more than a short-term loan from the issuing institution. As protested, the subjects are considered unreliable due to their negative financial history, but there are still real possibilities to get around this problem.

The revolving credit card for protesters represents a concrete solution, as it offers a credit line to the owner, who must also coincide with his user. Clearly, in order to have a credit card for protesting, it will be necessary to have a good reputation gained with a consolidated positive credit history.

Protesters cannot solve the problem of lack of possession of revolving cards unless they proceed with preliminary rehabilitation. However, since we are talking about payment instruments, we must first request the decree from the competent court at the territorial level.

For bad payers,

For bad payers,

However, there are more solutions that vary depending on the credit policies adopted by the different banks. Taking a concrete example, some banks have a tolerance that goes up to six late payments, while in the event of non-payment they may require to remedy the position and show proof of payment.

However, there is also a credit card for protestants linked to a specific type of loan that can be provided by banks even to bad payers. The salary or pension assignment is part of this type of loan. Clearly, the interest rates for revolving cards linked to forms of personal loan accessible even to subjects with bad credit standing could be higher.

Precisely for this reason, when we talk about a credit card, it would be useful to always check that the rates applied do not exceed the wear threshold.

As an alternative solution for obtaining a credit card for protesters, the parties involved could ask the banks for a prepaid card (with or without an Iban code), as it is not associated with a current account. There is also a specific credit card for protesters and bad payers which can be obtained quickly and which does not carry out credit assessments on the requesting parties but which necessarily requires a first deposit, which is higher than a certain amount.

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