Good Credit Loans that are well known throughout Indonesia do provide a lot of convenience to the public finances.

Unfortunately, Good Credit-lending facilities are often abused by irresponsible parties for fraudulent acts.

Our team has taken several steps to close the fake account named Good Credit. However, We cannot guarantee that counterfeit accounts intended to benefit customers will stop appearing.

Therefore, You also need to know how to use their Good Credit loans safely and comfortably to avoid losses, especially as a result of fraud.

During the Registration Process


When signing up for the Good Credit app, Smart Friend goes through several stages, such as personal data input, taking personal photos and verifying your account.

In this process, the Good Credit will send you a verification code SMS that must be Smart Input in-app input. This code should NOT be shared with anyone for security reasons.

In addition to the code, Smart Friend is also advised not to share the password with anyone.

Good Credit has never asked Smart Friend to submit personal data such as passwords and account verification codes.

When Applying for a Good Credit Loan

When Applying for a Good Credit Loan

The Good Credit System will evaluate each user’s profile for loan eligibility. Therefore, some users get fast disbursements, some have to wait within 1 × 24 hours.

While waiting for this process, Smart Dude is encouraged to be patient until the cash flows into his account.

The lender has always been the one to ask directly on his Good Credit social media account by mentioning some personal information, such as account number and phone number.

This is not recommended because such personal data may be used by unscrupulous persons.

We recommend that you, if any Smart Dude has any questions, complaints or suggestions regarding the Good Credit service, please notify DM through your Good Credit official account.

On Payment Bill

If a Smart Friend has already applied for a loan and will pay the bill, remember to always pay in the recommended way.

Smart Friendly should be careful during the payment process. Don’t trust phones or SMS that call Good Credit but include a personal account for payment!

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